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conflicted on whether not i should be friends with my best friend again??? ?

month ago me & my best friend stopped talking because she kept making excuses & defending a boy who is treating us both very badly. I talked to her &told her it’s not ok to pretend like nothings happening &she blamed the problem on me & said she’s was not willing to stop hanging out w him. it was really hard for me because I lost both of my best friends at once&im in a new city with no car making it on my own.few weeks later she left town &i got a call from her because she was in a car accident & realized how wrong she was& apologized& said that he is bad &shouldn’t have tried to make it my fault &she had feelings for him that’s why she was so defensive. she told me she was sad because she thought I hated her& I explain that I am not ok being treated badly. I appreciated her apology but since that call she has not reached out at all. i’m confused because she said she wanted to be friends again but she hasn’t talk to me . since then Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed and I have been alone for both and she hasn’t even sent a text. I’m conflicted because I feel like she still kind wants my support but doesn’t ask about my life or what I’m dealing with  but then at the same time she has done so much for me and givin me rides and let me stay with her when I didn’t have a place to live. Ultimately there should’ve never been any problems between us and it was all our other friends fault. i’m just super conflicted and I don’t know whether or not I should reach out or move on.

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