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Have you ever? ?

Have you ever kept distance from friends not because of what they did to you but because of the time in your life you associated with them? Like today I decided I wanted to change myself and I really want to erase my past apart from my family of course. My friends aren’t really jerks but at the time I hung with them I was in bad place of life. Is it understandable for me not to hang with them anymore? 

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    2 months ago

    you have to have a reason. for me, one of my friends is a complete selfish b*tch. but i also hang out with her sister and her sister always hangs out with her. sooo i don't have much of a choice. but you do...

    i just decide not to hang out with either of them or talk to them, unless they reach out to me and then i do the mandatory hang out and then right back to not paying attention them. 

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