I had a fight with my best friend last night and discovered weeks after spilling a secret, we might not be as close.  How should I fix this?

So basically, my best friend and I met 1.5 Years Ago through Politics.   We weren't close at first but since January we have been pretty close.   He even introduced me to all his friends at school in the past few weeks (we live far apart).   He used to tell me everything but I accidentally let loose a secret a few weeks ago (that he's Bi) and things haven't been the same.   He still seemed to care for me a lot but last night we had a big fight where he yelled at me for dating his best friend, who he set me up with.

His other friend told me the reason my friend and I might not be close anymore is because I became friends with her and started dating his best friend.   She said I had to choose between them.   

My boyfriend is quite concerned, and I am too.   I know I messed up big the other week but I have been doing my best to fix things.   It seemed to be working, until he called me fat last night and we had a spat.  Should I ask my boyfriend, his best friend, to smooth things over since they have known each other for 10 years?   

Should I just let things calm down?   What should I do?

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  • T J
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    You cannot fix this. Huge mistake outing him.

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