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Would this guy face a criminal trial in the USA or not?

Suppose a group of 15 astronauts went from Earth to Mars and when they got to Mars one of the guys decided to commit the first space crime and he took out a gun and shot/killed 4 of the astronauts and 

then threatened the other 10 astronauts that if they didn’t swear to delete all videos of the crime, he would kill them all before they could get back to Earth.   

He then played nice to the 10 survivors as they agreed to say they died on Mars from nothing to do with murder, and when they got back to Earth... 

It was discovered One of the 10 survivors pulled a trick because he emailed video of the murder to a mission control person before  deleting the stuff and the mission control knew about it the whole time but played dumb to prioritize getting the survivors home to earth safe above all else 

After they all got back to earth and evidence videoed on Mars shows he shot/killed those 4 people, would he face trial in a US jurisdiction? 


And his defense is the Martian atmosphere can make people temporarily insane but the other 10 surviving astronauts testified there was no such psychosis they had on Mars but 

He says it only hits certain people and to all other judges they’ve never been on Mars 

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    Depending on the kind of astronaut this is he might face either a civilian criminal charge of multiple homicide or if he's military be subject to a court martial. 

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    Yes.  If the guy is military (NASA) then they're always under military law, no matter where they are.  In addition, the ship is under the law of the country it came from.  Space ships would be just like water ships.

    There's also another whole set of laws that apply to anyone outside of a country.  It's called martime laws, sometimes called admiral laws.

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    Probably, yes.  But realize it would take YEARS to go to Mars and back.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    He would be tried under US law.  Don't quit high school to take up a career as a writer.

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  • 2 months ago

    yes.  he would be tried for murder under the same theory as a crime committed aboard a ship is under the jurisdiction of the country whose ship it is.

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