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Was she being rude on purpose?!?

have this coworker who seems nice to me for the most part. I was on my break today and I was sitting against the wall looking down at my phone and this girl who’s my coworker walked in. 

She thought I was out manager but she wasn’t looking at me dead in the face. She walked in and was like “ok what do you want me to do next” because she thought I was out manager who’s dark skinned and African and she wasn’t paying attention but I guess could see me out her peripheral. I don’t think me and the manager look anything a like. I’m shorter and brown skinned and the manager is tall and model height and has a different hairstyle. 

Do you think she could’ve thought we really looked alike or she just wasn’t paying attention?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Maybe she just wasn’t paying attention 

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