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My brother's gf has COVID. I want her to leave but my parents won't kick her out?

My brother and his gf live in an apartment on my parent's property. His gf tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday. I told my parents to kick them out so we won't get infected but they won't; just because they're in a separate building and they pay rent. They're not concerned because she's quarantining, but I'm afraid for myself and my family. There's no where else I can go. What can I do to get them to leave?

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  • Ana
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    2 months ago

    Covid only really kills people over age 60. For anyone younger than that, it’s LESS DANGEROUS than the flu. And even Covid doesn’t really kill old people until over age 70... then it’s rate is like 5-10% mortality. 

    So you’ll be fine. And your parents will be fine unless they’re over 60-ish 

  • T J
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    2 months ago

    You are fine, as long as they stay in their apartment.

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