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Did you know that Jeff Bezos could give every Amazon employee $105,000 and still be as rich as he was before the pandemic?

Instead he's denying paid sick leave to his employees — and has already subjected nearly 20,000 warehouse workers to Covid-19.

Demand Congress tax the rich, and shop local.


@Wickman: No, he is not a Dem.

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    Your information appears to be reasonably accurate and your advice is good also. Support your local small businesses and stop buying those Chinese imports.

    Boycott Amazon during your Black Friday shopping spree.

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    He's right if he doesn't do that he would never be rich.

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    I'm not surprised. Amazon is the place to work only if you want to be dead inside or already are. (And maybe now on the outside too with Covid!) Tried it once years ago, you could not pay me enough to go back. Have heard even their corporate offices are just as terrible of a place to be.

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    The rich already pay more than their fair share of taxes. 

    Any Amazon employee who feels the terms and conditions of their employment are not fair are free to find other employment. 

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    He doesn't care about his employees, only his bottom line. When were the rich ever fair and morally sound? 

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