Why is America not capping the interest the medical industry makes instead of talking about forcing us to buy insurance?

Isn't a single scan charged as much as the machine costs to build

I'm serious

And since people lives are in heir hands shouldn't they be the most underpaid to avoid corruption? The drug industries particularly

And the industries regulated to use cheaper supplies that are as good. IE what's wrong with the genetic office supplies Paper is Paper Stop wasting our money


I meant generic not genetic

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    2 months ago
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    The US healthcare system is absolute sh!t. It's just a money making racket.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Confusion creates more opportunities that's why...

    They get can get rid of people if they make thing's difficult...

    And avoid getting blame for it...

    If your pre paying your medical cost's through insurance they making interest off your contribution's even after you die... because they don't care if your dead or not...

    People dont know how easy theyve already made things for themselve's...

    The boarder's will all be open again... and the democrats are ready to break arm's off... and it doesn't have to be in their own country if people are still making gain's off their rein...

    They dont have people's safety in mind at all...

    They don't care how much theyve ruined peoples lives either...

    They only care about getting meth supplies around the world so they can start all over again....

    Somebody needs to keep an eye on that...

    So many children were displaced because of what theyve done in the past... no wonder theres so many people excited about it...

    Their supply isn't sabotaged with democrat's pulling strings...

    But who knows they might suprise people and get normal job's that dont require sacraficail lamb's....

  • 2 months ago

    The interest or the profits?

  • 2 months ago

    So you get to tell other people how much money they can make because you are enraged, or better than them, what exactly qualifies you to tell other people how they can run their business?  What about when they lose money developing new technology that fails, are you in favor of compensating them for trying?

    Just a heads up, if people cannot make money doing something, they will do something else.  Do you work for free?

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  • 2 months ago

    Its clear Americas biggest flaw is its private health care system when compared to every country. Sadly when Biden is president, nothing will fundementally change about it. Pharma will still control the levers of power. 

  • Matt
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    2 months ago

    The Republican party has done everything it can to make sure that the pharmaceutical and medical industries make as much as possible and obstruct anything that would get in the way of this, they do this because they get huge kickbacks from them, Republicans don't give a damn about people, all they care about is money 

  • 2 months ago

    I hear you.  It reminds me of when you take your car in to the repair shop and they charge you $225 to put it on the computer.  It comes ups with all these repairs you need and yet, there is one thing wrong, which is causing the car not to run properly.

    I think President trump is unaware of what you have stated and I would suggest telling him.  They say you can email him.  I know once, he had mentioned listing the costs of certain tests and services, and I thought that would be great. 

    I had the doctor tell me to go to the blood lab, on a visit several years ago, and I had no idea that the blood test included, not just the usual CBC, but an expensive allergy test!  The insurance covered ZILCH on that test.

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