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How to connect with USB devices in Java?

I wanna know how I can connect with a USB without using any libraries as I want to connect to a custom made circuit board and I cannot be able to use any libraries.


To answer the first answer my question got, I have not yet design it yet but I am soon going to design it, most likely Monday as I am still waiting for some parts. And two, I did just want an answer like what imports, constructors, etc that is needed to detect and serialize data signals from a USB. 

I decided to ask way before I started to ensure I get an answer when I create it. I have looked everywhere on the internet and found nothing. Just including libraries and such.

Update 2:

For the next answer that answered my question, I am a bit confused of what you meant but I might understand and left a dislike as I am certain it's not true. 

And if my device needs drivers, how would I accomplish it, your answer (To yahoo standards) is pretty much a statement not an answer. If you do say it then you should say how I would accomplish it as to keep it convenient for me any anyone else who may come by this question. 

Update 3:

Back in response to the person who wrote the first answer, thanks for keeping in touch with the question. I did try to google it but there is barely any information, and reading multiple articles to get an answer is time consuming and inefficient. If I had time to read multiple articles I would of never made a question on here. 

But thanks again for keeping in touch.

Update 4:

For edit 2 by EddieJ, I won't forget about it, I've already spent the money for the project which was quite expensive. I do have time but not much to do things that can easily be avoidable. I need everything as efficient as possible, this isn't the 20th century anymore. I also don't know what information is valid and which is not. I asked here know people probably are experts at this stuff and knows what info is valid or not.

Update 5:

The basic, I just want to know the basic. Sources and everything, that is all I want, I know it is possible, many devices do it. No one needs to know how my device needs to work to know that. This is getting very frustrating just for valid sources and answers. 

I just wanna know how to connect to a usb port and get signals, THAT IS ALL. I ain't looking for anything to complicated, I'll figure the rest out later.

Update 6:

Documentation, api, etc? Any you can link to help?

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    hate to break this to you, but unless you're doing something basic like keyboard or mouse, or a standard USB storage device, USB is nothing but aninterface. it's not the "USB" that needs drivers, it's the device you connect to the computer.

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