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Tips on getting dog and cat to get along?

We got a puppy about a year ago. Prior to that my cat was an "only child," so to speak, for five years. We generally keep them separated by a baby gate. If the cat is around the dog he tends to stare at her, which obviously to a cat is antagonistic. The cat, for the most part, doesn't care about the dog and just wants to be able to roam free. Occasionally she does charge at the dog from behind the gate/pursue him. We are working on rewarding his behavior when he ignores her, however it's been a year now and while the dog has improved on ignoring her the two still don't get along. I don't even need them to get along...just leave one another alone. Any ideas or tips? Thanks!

Dog is a golden retriever, so hardly an aggressive breed. lol Also they can see one another through the gate when they eat, but the bowls aren't close at all to the baby gates. 


Edited to add that the cat generally has free roam of the house when we are not home as we kennel the puppy for his own safety. 

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    As long as the cat has a few places to get away from the dog, they will work things out between them.  Shelves or other places too high for the dog are a good idea.  

    You should give the cat enough attention to know that it IS the first pet.  As for staring at the pup, the cat is just trying to teach the dog to behave.  If the pup annoys the cat, naturally the cat will want to say something.  You don't want the dog to overwhelm the cat.  

    Dogs like to play chase.  Cats often do too, but not as often.  Also, the cat likes to end the chase by escaping, which the dog may not understand.  If the cat doesn't want to play chase, it will let the dog know.  This is normal and not a problem.  

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