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I don't understand how 18 year old's raise themselves?

How on Earth do other young-people figure 

out how to pay rent, pay bills, find an apartment, 

put themselves through college, pick a decent-job

all on their own? And I can't. 

I asked my parents, they said: "You have the 

answers within you. We need to do well in 

school, and find a good job without any help.

That's how everyone in society does that." 

I don't understand? Am I supposed to ask 

my friends to teach me how? or hire a life-coach? 

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    No. They don't do it all at 18. In fact, a lot of them have their parents pay for their college education. If they tell you otherwise they are most likely very much lying to you. College is hella expensive (it's even more expensive now than it was 20 years ago so there is no possible way that they can fund 100% percent of that on their own!). They most likely do work study (work while going to school. Each part-time!). They also are in a lot of debt with credit cards. I know that Financial Aid helps a lot with school related things. Don't think that young people have figured everything life throws at them at 18, that's impossible! There's people who are freakin 40 who haven't figured out how life works and you are asking someone less than half that age and inspiring to be them?! Lol, you are crazy.  

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