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Calculate the magnitude of the force acting on a charge 6Coulombs  due to a charge of 19Coulombs at a distance of 15m away from it...?

The force constant k is 9E9 [1/(Farad/m)]. Give your answer in GN where 1 GN = 1E9 Newtons

please show step by step solution. 

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    F = (9e9)(6)(19) / 15² = ___ N


    F = (9)(6)(19) / 225 = ___ GN

    Coulomb's law, force of attraction/repulsionF = kQ₁Q₂/r²   Q₁ and Q₂ are the charges in coulombs   F is force in newtons   r is separation in meters   k = 8.99e9 Nm²/C²

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