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Is it naïve of me to still be with the first man I've ever dated?

I can't imagine being with anyone different.

My man is kind, loving, strong, supportive and respectful.

He takes his share of responsibility for our home, he has never once raised his voice at me or called me anything unkind.

He has his flaws and I have mine, but our disagreements are discussed, and when we both feel strongly opposed to each other's opinions, we compromise. He is everything I've ever wanted in life.

But my friends call me naïve for staying with him because he is the first man I've ever dated. I'm not a child, I'm 24 and he is 28, but my friends say I'm too inexperienced. 

We've been dating for two years and he mentioned marriage the other day. I would never leave him; I'd be a fool to. But I wonder what my friends would do if they were me. If you were in my situation, what would you say? Am I naïve for staying with this man even though he is my first and only?


Anon, I love him, but if he cheats he's getting shown the door. There's no way for someone to 'accidentally' cheat.

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    If you and your BF are happy and love each other, that's all you need. You have shown that you are both mature enough to work things out. Sounds like you both have this right. More people, could learn from you both. Do not listen to your friends. Friends have opinions, But look at their history of dating, they have no idea how to make and keep a relationship. You are old enough to know what makes you happy. Ignore your friends. Its your life, your decision, not theirs.

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    No. You're not naive. Your friends envy you. I can tell that he's good man and I don't blame you for trying not to leave him. I know you don't want to believe them but just seek them out. Seeing is believing girl.😉

  • 2 months ago

    I was like this but I was with mine for 6 years. And I left him a year ago due to his cheating. It was painful but honestly I think where most relationships fail is at the 5 year mark and whilst living together. Also I was 100 sure at the 3 year mark he’s the only person Id be with and I was wrong. I didn’t want to leave for 2 years but after having a child I decided for my son it would be best. I honestly don’t think anyone should say anything about their relationship until they have reached that 5 year mark. 

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    Maybe others envy your happiness. I have a cousin who is 62. She and her husband were 15 when they started dating, 18 when they got engaged and 21 when they got married. I don't think either of them dated anyone else.

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  • 2 months ago

    No you're not. If that's what you want then you go for it. Why ruin a good thing? your friends sound like jealous, jaded, bitter b*tches. They're mad that they probably put themselves through the ringer instead of being smart and going for a good man like you did instead of a bad boy. Don't listen to your so called friends. Do what makes you happy.

  • 2 months ago

    As long as you are happy, that is all that matters

  • car253
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    Ignore your stupid friends.  I would not even consider them friends with such bad advice.    You got lucky.   They are jealous.   Go ahead and marry this great man.

  • 2 months ago got lucky and found the one you wanted to date immediately. that's awesome. don't give up 80 percent of what you have and like for 20 percent of possibly better(It might be worse) I suggest you get better friends. 

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    No.You are lucky that you found the right guy for you.Your relationship is stable.It works.You both make teamwork work together. Just ignore your friends.Maintain your relationship as you've been doing.You are in a good place in your life so enjoy the quality of life as a couple.Your friends havent found the right guy for them.

  • 2 months ago

    Do you really have to ask this question?  Seriously?  Why on EARTH would you listen to people that don't know, aren't you and obviously don't care what you feel?  You have exactly what you want--and they don't--and that's the only reason they might be telling you to question it. 

    IGNORE THEM. You said everything you need to say in your very first sentence, and that is exactly what you say to these so-called "friends:"  "I can't imagine being with anyone different. End of discussion." Then change the subject. 


  • 2 months ago

    No being with only one person is great I am 23 my husband is 25 we are each others 1st we been together since I was 14!! Now Married with kids, I am glad he was and is  my first and only

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