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What makes a person smart? Bigger brain than average, high IQ, doing something others can't, what?

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    Intelligence can be defined as the ability to solve novel problems. For example, we can tell that octopuses are smart if we give them a jar with a screwed on cap and a crab inside, one of the octopus's favorite food. Then we sit back and see if the octopus is smart enough to figure out a way to eat the crab. Sure enough, even though the octopus has never seen a jar with a cap before, it tried to solve the problem in different ways until it learned that it can open the jar with its arms by twisting the cap. Similarly, we test the ability of crows and ravens to solve problems to show us how smart they are. 

    Then we try to figure out whether intelligent animals have large brains. They do. intelligent animals have high EQ or Encephalization Quotient, a measure of brain mass to body mass ratio. Humans have the highest EQ of any animal that has ever lived. Dolphins are next in EQ. Ocotpuses have the highest EQ of any invertebrate.  Crows and ravens have the highest EQ among birds, equaled only by parrots. EQ is not IQ. IQ is a verbal test of intelligence, but it is not perfect since animals cannot talk or read and so it is not possible to measure their IQ.  Because brains are costly to maintain (our less than 3 pound brain consumes 20% of our daily energy budget), there isn't any animal out in the wild which has a big brain but is stupid. A stupid animal with a large brain would starve to death more easily and be eliminated by natural selection. So, if we measure EQ, we can predict the intelligence of an animal rather accurately. 

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