What is the difference\differences between "stand out" and "stand apart"?! ?

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    Very similar ideas.  Stand out takes the view of the observer, and the standing out is how the thing is seen by the observer.  Even when the thing is part of a crowd of similar things, the observer sees the one object because it somehow is different, and cannot be ignored, so it "stands out" from everything else.  Stand out means "obviously noticeable".

    Stand apart sees things from the view of the situation.  Apart refers to being physically separated in some way. Not with everything else. 

    It is possible to stand out by standing apart, but very difficult if not almost impossible to stand apart by standing out, except perhaps in some metaphorical way.

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    They can be the same, but you can also have this. Two men, one is in a $1000 tailored suit and ten in a $100 off the rack suit. The $1000 suit man is well-groomed and has a deep tan. He will stand apart from the other ten. Now, take that same man a put him in a canary yellow suit, with baby blue shoes, he will stand out from the other ten.

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    To stand out can take guts. Self confidence. Self belief.

    For example in 2003 and the weapons of mass destruction, just a handful of figures were noticeable for questioning the need for war.

    Or if can also mean an independent film maker who does not let the status quo tell him or her, it's got to be done in this fashion. As there's no demand, no market, about stories about black people starring black people.

    Of it can mean someone who because of the ailment, illness they suffer from stand out. Through no choice of their own. As they don't blend in.

    "be clearly better or more significant than someone or something.

    "four issues stand out as being of crucial importance"

    persist in opposition or support of something.

    "she stood out against public opinion".

    persist in opposition or support of something.

    "she stood out against public opinion" · "the company stood out for the product it wanted"


    "something or someone, as a person, performance, etc., remarkably superior to others:

    Evans was a standout in the mixed doubles.

    someone who is conspicuous in an area because of his or her refusal to conform with the actions, opinions, desires, etc., of the majority."

    Stand apart - standing on your own. Not necessarily by own choice.

    "stand apart (from someone or something)

    1. Literally, to stand at a distance or location separate from someone or something else.

    I'll ask everyone in the group to stand apart so you all have room to do the exercises without bumping into one another.

    The historic bank building stands apart from the other banking headquarters, all of which reside in the financial district.

    2. To be clearly distinct or distinguishable from someone or something else in some capacity.

    The market is flooded with mediocre service providers, so you've got to find some way of standing apart.

    Tammy always stood apart from the other kids at school in the way she dressed and behaved."


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    To stand out is to be noteworthy or outstanding whereas to stand apart means to stand separately or alone.

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