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Help me find the English term for this...?

I'm looking for the name of a material they use in home construction. It's a light color paste they apply on the wall before paint. And it looks like chalk in dry form.


What about "putty"?

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    Joint compound is primarily used on sheetrock and plaster of paris is used to skim coat or for casting artwork. I have used a number of things on the market and the best is a low dust gypsum compound as it is easy to sand and square off if on a corner bead. Putty is for plumbing. Grampa B

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    It's drywall in a powder form. It's also known as 'Plaster of Paris' which is powered calcium sulfate or gypsum. 'Putty' can be from several different compounds.

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    Drywall mud, or joint filler for gypsum board.

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    Putty is used by the painter to fill in nail holes in wood when we still had oil paint...as it was oil putty.   Not used anymore...with waterbased paints.

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    joint or finishing compound 

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    Joint compound....................

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    new construction and replacement walls in America ... we use a plaster product, may go under the name "joint compound".  comes in 5 gal [19 L] buckets.  This is same as is used to cover the joint tape at the seams and corners of the wallboard.  It is applied to make the corners sharp [usually over a preformed corner bead] and the walls appear to be same thickness everywhere.  Since it is a plaster product, it is also fire resistant.  Joint compound does need to be primed before painting ... and those 'paint and primer in one' products just don't, imho, do a good job at reasonable price [stores change more for these and they cover less surface than paint.]  -- grampa

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    It's called 'Plaster Of Paris'.

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