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How do you deal with eczema on your armpits?

Long story short I started to get eczema on my armpits since early 2018. At first it didn’t inch it just got really dark and dry, then in 2019 when I moved to another state( South Carolina) it started inching like crazy and would get really red and scabby. Nothing seems to work for me as I tried almost everything. Now since 2020 I stop shaving my armpits and started waxing, using coconut oil at night/day, started using natural deodorant and detoxing the pits with Indian healing clay, and doing armpit massages. So I was wondering how do anybody else deals with this? I hope I helped out somebody that is going through the same thing as I was.

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    I don't think what you are doing is helping your eczema.

    using oil is going to clog the pores and make the eczema worse

    waxing is horrible for us, it tears off the layer or skin and rips the hair out at the root

    eczema is irritated skin.  i can't see how doing a deep cleaning on it is going to help (I'd think it would make it worse).

    I have eczema too.  Earlier this year when I couldn't get into a dermatologist, teledoc told me to put ice on it.  I'd never considered this before.  after weeks of suffering through the eczema hoping it would heal on it's own - I iced it for 10 minutes and it was 90% better almost immediately.  They prescribed generic topicort spray which I have used in the past.  This can be kind of expensive but for me it will last a couple of years at least - so $50 is well spent (I'm on my 3rd bottle since 2014).  Usually the pharmacy has to order this (not in stock).  Within 1.5 hours a single spray all the eczema was well on the way to disappearing.  I might have used another dose the next day before it was finally completely healed.

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    you are allergic to your deoderant . 

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