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Getting healthy?

I want to start eating better to improve various aspects in my life. Where do I start? Where is a good place to further research how what I put in my body will affect me?

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    There are lots of interested books, blogs, YouTube channels, and podcast you can look into and see which diets, philosophies, and lifestyles seem like they make sense to you.  Some people to look into as a stringing point would include:

    Dr. Steven Gundry (The Plant Paradox, The Longevity Paradox)

    Dr. Will Cole (Keto-tarian, The Inflammation Spectrum)

    Dr. Josh Axe (Keto Diet, Eat Dirt)

    Dr. Mark Hyman (What the Heck Should I Eat?)

    Dr. William Davis (Wheat Belly, Rich Food - Poor Food)

    Dave Asprey (The BulletProof Diet, Headstrong, Super Human)

    Mark Sisson (Primal Blueprint, Keto for Life, Keto Reset Diet)

    There are lots of others, but these will give you a variety of perspectives. You can make small changes or adopt any of the eating plans or find others that work for you.

    The bottom line is always going to come back to foods that provide the nutrients your body and brain need vs foods we've come to know and "love" that are convenient but harmful.  It's just a matter of how much you are willing to change and how quickly -- and what foods work for you in terms of personal preference.  Some of these folks promote a more vegetarian plan and others focus more on meat.  Some exclude grains, legumes and fruit, while others are more inclusive. 

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