Whats the difference between a sawed off shotgun and a regular shotgun ?

And why do people saw off their shotguns? 

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    2 weeks ago

    Typicall, people cut down the barrels, stocks, or both to aid in making the guns easier to conceal and handle. It started during Civil War times, when longer barrels might get damaged during close-quarter fighting.

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    Back in the day, most shotguns had longer barrels. A lot of barrels were 30 inches or longer, and the stock portion of the gun was another foot or so. So these guns were pushing about 4 feet long. If you wanted a shotgun for home defense, you would saw the barrel and the stock off. That made the gun a lot more maneuverable in a hallway or anywhere inside a house, and you cut the choke portion off, allowing the gun to spray the bb's in a wider pattern. The trouble was, they were almost impossible to hang on to when you fired them. In most states, its not illegal to possess a "sawed off", you just cant leave your home with it. If you want to be really confused, try looking up the law concerning them. You'll find "intended use" and "other" and a handful of other ways to describe guns that shoot shotgun shells. Factory made "shotguns" with short barrels are now called pistols that shoot shotgun shells, check out the 45 Colt / 410 Judge.

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    Sawed off is what people do for some odd reason to make the barrel shorter and the load potentially more destructive.  Less than 18 inches illegal, 

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    2 months ago

    A sawn off shot gun is what well ‘ard geezers use.

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    By law a shot gun has to have a barrel of 18 inches.  If you saw it off so it is shorter it is a major federal crime that could get you 20-30 years in federal prison.   If you want something short that fires shot shells there are pistols that can do it such as the Judge.   Buy one of those and you do not run the risk of federal arrest. 

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    A sawed off shotgun has either had the barrel or stock (sometimes both) cut down to aid in concealment or manuverability.

    Clearing a room with an 18.5in barrel is easy but doing it with a 14in barrel is easier!

  • 2 months ago

    A sawed off shotgun is shorter than a regular one. Fact check.

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    Weapons will be banned December 1st which is tomorrow. 

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    Shorter barre and stock so you can conceal them. The shorter barrel also increases the pellet spread, making it easier to hit something without aiming.

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    Weapons are very dangerous and will be banned December 1st, which is tomorrow. Seizing of them will start in December 2nd, and will wrap up on December 23rd. All before Christmas!!

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