Why is my boyfriend treating me like this while I am pregnant ?

I’m 9 months pregnant & due any day now. Me & my 29 year old boyfriend live together. But it seems like since I’ve gotten pregnant he feels the needs to ALWAYS hang out with different groups of friends. He literally hang out every single day. He doesnt just hang out for a few hours . He”s gone all day. Ex: from 11am to 3am at times. Especially the weekends. Today I got off of work &he’s been gone from 6:00 pm &it’s is now 2:00 am and he still isn’t home. He doesn’t call or text to check in with me anymore&I don’t call him. I can admit that I haven’t been the easiest since being pregnant I’ve been moody/angry but it’s like he’s getting worse with staying out. The more I express to him that I don’t like when he comes in the house at all hours of the night and and don’t be hanging out every single day of the week the more he does it. Now I’m to the point where I don’t even confront him about staying out late when he does do it because I’m drained& I see that he’s making this choice to disrespect me. It’s to the point where I dislike him &whenever he is home i go upstairs to watch tv &he stays downstairs to watch tv . We barely talk. At one time all we did was communicate our feelings to one another especially him but he doesn’t even try to anymore even when he knows that I’m upset or have an attitude about something. I just can’t wait until our baby gets here so him and I can go our separate ways bc my whole pregnancy he’s disregarded my feelings and disrespected me


There is a lot that he doesn’t do and hasn’t done since pregnant such as gone grocery shopping with me knowing bags are too heavy to carry, he doesn’t offer back rubs, he doesn’t ask me how I’m feeling, he doesn’t cook. He pretty much sucks 

Update 2:

He works these little side jobs. He refused to work a 9 to 5 anymore . He makes sure he pays his part of the bills 

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    Your question is "Why is my boyfriend treating me like this while I am pregnant?" Have you tried asking him? Not yelling, just asking. "I'm pregnant with your child and I need your help and support to be healthy and bring a healthy baby into the world, and you're not here for me. Why? What's going on?" 

    I can only guess why... and my first guess is that he's in denial. Even men who want to have kids can get kind of freaked out by the idea of becoming a father. And if they have issues with their own dads, this can be even more difficult. They panic. "Oh, no, I don't know how to be a dad!" Or they worry about money. Or they want to hang onto their single life as much as they can before the baby comes. 

    With his refusal to be there for you, and his refusal to work a regular job, it sounds like he's just not ready to grow up or to take on serious responsibility. All you can do is try to talk to him, read pregnancy/parenting books and websites together, get some counseling together, but if he refuses to be a part of this situation or to talk with you, then you already know what's next. Prepare to leave him. 

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    sounds like you noth need to part ways. Why would you even get pregnant with someone like that? I feel so sorry for the baby

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    Hold on, I'll ask him why.  Okay, I asked him but he told me not to tell you. He said "If she's so lame that she's going to ask total, random strangers on the internet why I'm treating her like that, then she doesn't deserve an answer". So I can't tell you, sorry. 

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    Nonetheless he's still the father of your child, you shouldn't shut him out completely.  I have too many questions, to answer sufficiently, like does he have a job.  If not and you work, he's using you.  He doesn't make an effort, and you would be happier without him in your home, but keep him in your life for the child sake.  

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    See previous answer 

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