Do people really think that someone with OCD, who has a lot of violent/lewd intrusive thoughts, will actually act upon these thoughts ?

And that frequently making loud noises around them with the intention of startling them, making them uncomfortable, and/or causing them to become afraid to go out in public or be around other people is necessary to prevent them from doing so?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Ya intrusive thoughts are the worst. They are compulsions and if you don’t have any self control or aren’t strong enough to push back these thoughts you can give in because of how persistent these thoughts come into your head. It can really make your aniexty levels go up and make you seriously feel like you will act on them. Depending on what type of thoughts you are having can make you anti social too. These thoughts can also be very distressing too. So a person may do anything to avoid the situation that makes their intrusive thoughts worse 

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