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Which natal chart should I look to, Western or Vedic astrology?

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  • Janet
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    2 months ago
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    It depends what you want out of astrology.

    Vedic/Hindu/Sidereal astrology uses the Houses, the Lunar Mansions and Rahu/Ketu (the Nodes of the Moon). They don't really use the Signs.  

    Vedic astrology assumes that everything is fated, and you use the astrology to learn what your fate is, so you can accept it.  Don't strive for anything that is not shown in your chart.

    Western/Tropical astrology uses the Planets, judging first how each planet relates to the other planets (angular aspects), then studying the Sign and House each planet is in.  It assumes that you have free will, and are able - to some extent, at least - to create the conditions of your life. But it doesn't predict anything except perhaps inner psychological stages that you might go through.  In Western astrology, the view is that astrology is only an influence on what goes on inside of us, and it does not control us or our life. That all the natal chart shows is how we will likely be IF we do nothing to change or grow.

    So I guess it depends on whether or not you believe your life is fated, or whether or not you believe you can change yourself and your life.

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