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Overall, was Hitler good or bad for Germany and the world?

He completely rebuilt the German economy and ended the oppression from WWI

He stopped the spread of communism.

He was the catalyst for a massive advancement in technology and science

The criticism of Hitler is that he killed 6 million Jews but facts have shown that to be wildly exaggerated. Yes, some Jews died in prisoner camps but there was never any genocide and the 6 million number is mathematically impossible.

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    If you think murdering the Savior, cheating people, enslaving people, and causing wars and diseases are acceptable, then Hitler was bad.

    If you think loving your country and defending it is good, Hitler is good. 

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    It depends on the individual and his or her worldview. For the Indian, Hitler was a saint because he forced Britain to abandon its Indian colony to fight in WW2. For Britain, though, Hitler is evil because he helped weaken and destroy the British empire. For Jews, obviously Hitler was evil. 

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    well its hard to say i guess 

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    Bad... I do believe he was a bad person who do war...

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    At least 6 million Jews were put to death in Europe.  Some estimates are as high as 6.1 million.  That is definitely the case -- in large part because F.D.R. and most of the Allied Forces "refused to even enter WWII in earnest" until early 1942.  Even more tragically, the Allied Forces didn't liberate any concentration camps until April of 1945.

    Any so-called "good" that Adolph Hitler "might have done", is so heavily outweighed by the mass-extermination of 17 million people (Jews and non-Jews combined) that Hitler ordered, that he will never be thought of as "good" for anything that is worth being given credit for.

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    2 months ago

    Please stop asking the same q.

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    2 months ago

    Bad for both

    Due to his wars tens of millions of humans died (and animals and plants, too)

    over 7 million Germans died due to his fault

    15 million Germans needed to leave what they and their ancestors called home for at least eight centuries and more and what they have built up.

    All of them lost relatives and friends

    many very beautiful old houses from Antiquity, Middle Ages and Early modern time and 19th century were destroyed and not rebuilt

    Even if he had killed as many Jews (and you have not actually shown evidence for your claim), he killed millions (and we know that because the Nazis themselves have recorded).

    the division of Germany for many decades and the wounds have not healed yet.

    And all this for his stupid hallucinations of a Germany that even many Germans did not want generally and particularly not for this price/cost.

    I'd rather live in a "smaller" Germany with all my relatives and friends still alive than enter such a long war and the risk of losing them for some patch of land in Russia and some hallucination that those people living there are supposedly inferior. I do not need to feel superior to feel better. A cold shower, a strong coffee and nice chocolate will suffice to get rid of such feelings.

    His exploits resulted in the deaths of millions of people. It took decades for Germany's population to recover and the country remained divided for almost half a century.

    Imagine if the American Civil War had never happened. The population of the United States today might be at or around half a billion people, giving the country a much larger work force which would have made the need for immigration far less dire. The same is true of Britain, France, and Germany. Without millions of deaths, and without the enlistment of foreign - namely colonial troops, it's likely that the age of imperialism would have been prolonged and there would be fewer non-native people in Europe today. Hitler is the primary reason why Western Europe is dealing with hordes of non-native peoples today. When the British and French colonial forces saw white people standing in piles of rubble begging for bread, they realized that their white colonial masters weren't gods, but people, just like them. And they could be killed with bombs and bullets and their people could be subjugated and enslaved and displaced too. Hitler's failed attempt to guarantee white European dominance of Europe is what killed Europe.

    He is directly responsible for the rise of communism and the USSR and all of the proxy wars that took place in the intervening years between WWII and today. There's scarcely anything that we can point to today to make a case for him having done any good at all, unless you want to talk about how he single handedly made the United States the preeminent power in the world, thereby giving us an entity that can't be toppled so no one has tried. He's responsible for the creation of Israel, giving us the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He was directly responsible for the modern clash between the West and the Muslim world.

     In what universe did he do any good anywhere? Perhaps his actions spurred on the advent of new technology as necessity is the mother of invention, but we probably could have done without atomic weapons and ICBMs. Only a total and complete buffoon would argue that he did anything good at all.

    Germany was physically destroyed, half its women raped, 10 million killed, it was divided and occupied by foreign troops for 50 years.

    If Hitler had held out for a few more months Berlin would have been nuked.

    What part of that history was good for Germany?

    Hitler so destroyed Germany that it had to be rebuilt as did much of the rest of Europe.  Communism spread into eastern Europe and half of Germany as a direct result of his actions.  Yes, there were advances in technology and science, but Germany was hardly the only place that happened.

    Dear, the Nazis themselves documented what they did to the Jews, and the 6 million figure is not at all mathematically impossible.  You are poorly informed, poorly educated on the subject. Little anti-Semites always are.

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    Around 20 years ago, I knew an elderly lady who had resided in Germany as a young mother during WWII. In talking about the war, she described the rough times experienced as they often were on the brink of starvation. In spite of this, she praised Hitler as the savior of the German people although despised the other hierarcy of the Nazi party.

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    2 months ago

    - Bad, he started a World War and he lead Germany to almost total destruction in just 12 years. In 1932, France, Britain, and the US suspended Germany's WW1 reparation payments due to the worldwide depression. 

    - He didn't stop the spread of communism, in fact it was because of him communism spread to Eastern Europe and East Germany. 

    - He wasn't the catalyst for a massive advancement in technology and science. He was responsible for advancement in weapons of mass destruction.

    - It wasn't mathematically impossible, according to the 1942 Wannsee Conference, Hitler and the Nazis planned on eliminating 11 million Jews in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union.  

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    No doubt Hitler did some good things for Germany in the early part of his reign, but later on, he had the whole WWII (not just the Jews, or the Gypsies, or the gays) as his responsibility.  

    He did not stop the spread of communism .   He outlawed communism within Germany at the time, but brought Russia into the war by attacking them and this brought most of eastern Europe under communism.

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