A dawn to dusk nightlight for OUTDOORS?

I want a nightlight that automatically comes on at dusk and off at dawn for my covered porch. Do these exist? Do you know of one? Most are battery operated, yuck. 


I want one that plugs into an outlet.

Update 2:

I want this for simplicity and for a cheap solution. I don't want to replace my porch light. Not sure why you can't do this inside but not outside. A good answer isn't to offer me an entirely different solution, that doesn't answer my question.

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    There are plenty standard porch lights that do this.

    Why don't you replace your existing porch light with this style.

    Amazon has some very nice looking ones that are not expensive.

  • 2 months ago

    They exist. I use one at home. It plugs in outside and I have garden lights plugged into it. There is a sensor on the top and it comes on when it get dark and goes off when it gets light. Go to your local Home Depot/ DIY shop/store depending on what country you are in. 

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    2 months ago

    There are timers that one can use from dawn to dusk, many of them can also be set for specific hours to. There are also, I want to say photocells, but that isn't the name for them. They are built into many out door lights already to keep them off during daylight, on during night time.  Anyway, they are also sold separately.  and can be wired into a circuit. If I wasn't so lazy I would walk out to my back shed, and go get the one sitting on a shelf out there. So I could give you the name. But I have a headache and just came in.

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