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we rented a trailer in a trailer park. does it have bed bugs?

we already signed the lease and we opened the cupboards under the sink and there’s mouse poop everywhere and 1 dead german cockroach. the unit has been vacant for over a month and it’s been cold but not freezing. i don’t see any traces of any live roaches or mice but now i’m like what if there’s ******* bed bugs too. how can i test for this? wtf. 


good advice thank you. we’re not moving in until next tuesday so it’s gonna be vacant for a week in our possession. So i’m definitely going to buy like 4 or 5 of those bed bug and flea foggers and put one in every room 😈 then after two days i’m going to clean the **** out of the trailer with cleaners and bleach before we move ANYTHING in! thank you for your wise words & your crystal ball oh wise one

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    My crystal ball is possible but not certain it has also says.....oh wait it is fading......ok that is says buy a bed bug bomb and bomb the trailer and buy mouse baits before moving in and all will be fine.


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