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how can i be self assured & confident about myself?

i'm a male in my early 40s and ive never had great confidence or self esteem, because i was shy as a youth, came from a respectful loving family and i encountered rough bullies who constantly undermined my confidence, and it had a lasting effect on me.

now as a man, i live with a personality disorder, terrible nerves and ptsd....and when i have to go out in public i'm very nervous, easily startled and panicked, and self conscious and find it hard to carry myself with confidence.

i'm also bald, have a big frame and have a moustache.


don't think i'm crying or whining because i'm not, i'm just asking for some constructive advice.

Update 2:

thanks so much jocelyne for your helpful tips.

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    Getting good at something is a great confidence booster.  

    When you go out, stand tall and look where you're going, that way you reduce the chances of getting startled. Be kind and courteous with people you meet. Sit somewhere public and watch people. Be an observer of human interaction. This may be a way to relax you a little around others. 

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