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If we're completely powerless, why continuing to live?

Hi! I have a friend who told me this and I couldn't think of any consolations or reasonings to justify living so I'm reaching out to you guys and I am NOT looking for religious answers. Spiritual answers are welcome though. This is what they wrote:

"I live in a country where everything is against the people and as a result, no one can pursue a career, money comes by only to those who're corrupted, talents won't get anyone anywhere. The currency is zero so the little money you got makes nothing if you wanted to move to another country and almost no countries give visas to people from my country. I got no one and no hope. I lost the only one I was alive for long ago. I am young but see no hope anywhere and no way to escape either. Any protest will result in myself paying for it or getting punished by the wrongdoer against whom I protested. I'm one of those people who truly get hurt any time I see any living beings being wronged and I suffer with them be it if they're a poorly treated animal or an abused child or an abused girl and these instances happen a lot here with me suffering with them without having any ways to stop them. I'm also one of those who always attract abusive sadistic psychopaths to myself so much that I can walk into a crowd and soon the psycho there will show up to hurt me. I can't be corrupted either. I can't do messed up things and get ahead. Why staying alive when I'm absolutely powerless, under abuse and unable to protect myself or others?"



@Pearl L - Um I won't. Is counseling going to give this person income,real friends,revival of their loved one,protection of groups they say they want to protect? I'm not going to discredit their justified grief by turning things back on them and lying to them that "it's all in their head".I see u around often.If u're on YA 24/7 to spread hate and abuse why not seeing a psychiatrist urself? U sure need it. U're always hateful,unhelpful and cruel to every soul. And that's not Ok.

Update 2:

Thanks to NZ anon and . for answering despite some unclear parts. I guess by corruption, they legit meant corruption since they say their country is legit a dictatorship where people wish for their regime to fall so they're not talking about confidence or winning personalities. They mean official oppressors. If anyone else see this, can I please get more perspectives and ideas on how I can reason with them that powerlessness shouldn't equal demise? Or to help them see powerlessness differently?

Update 3:

@ Jocelyne - As a general advice yours is a good one but the person seems to not have any like minded people around them over there or else I'd imagine they wouldn't feel so powerless. Thanks for your answer

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    You seek out like minded people. Be the emotional support to those who are suffering. Walk tall and try to focus on the good things.

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    The person needs to unlearn that their career and country's currency are the only reasons for them to live. Try to find "micro-solutions" which fit you as an individual. -

    I am guessing that the "sadistic psychopaths" see (in you) a reflection of the weakness that they fear in themselves. They also crave for their careers and want such attention, ego-lifts, and strokes that would make them feel successful. You might consider it as "corruption", but extending some gratifying attentions of this sort is considered a part of a winning personality. If you speak to the good in people, you can often convince them that there is no benefit from hurting you. - There is no end in sight for the unfair monetary system, but things could turn around quickly. Not being corrupted could come as an asset at that time.

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    maybe you should tell him to get some counseling

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    That person's from nz...

    That wouldn't be a lie...

    When they see your face... they follow you... and they own you...

    The police are too comfortable to do anything about it... They get paid if they do their job or not.... It's called job satisfaction here....

    Talent is useless... they won't accept slow learner's... what they say goes....

    The more people they corrupt the less they're noticed...

    The more they gain the less other's have...

    Then throw religion in there... and it's chewed up and spat out...

    Your expected to entrench yourself in a culture that's already begun to mean less and less and less by the day.... because there's nothing captivating enough to hold any attention... I was happy with my beleif's I have no right to participate in because it causes offence to people who dont know how to begin to understand anything but them selves....

    F*** That sorry....

    They need to make their minds up about what they're really about and leave people alone.....

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