Why is “hide options” locked gta 5 online?

 I convinced my girlfriend and another friend to get gta 5 to play online with us I noticed that my friend I was able to invite or join her game but my girlfriends was disabled and when I tried to add my girlfriend into my MC she wouldn’t receive the invite to join my MC so I told her to go to “hide options” in her interactive menu and she said her “hide options” was locked and she could not go into it. I’ve been trying to google to find support for this issue and have come up with nothing. Is there a setting she needs to fix? Or something she needs to do so we can all join a club together? 

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    It's likely that your girlfriend is currently in "Tutorial Mode" & must complete those initial missions (which goes over some of the basics) before they reach "Free Mode" (where they're free to do whatever they want).

    This is the most likely reason behind it as you suggest that your girlfriend is a complete newbie to the game.

    I ran into a similar issue with my brother's girlfriend, where she just started & couldn't join in on what we were doing until she finished the initial tutorial missions.  Once those were completed, we were able to get her to join our group (for MC & Corporate / VIP stuff).

  • If you will not spend money, normally you are out of the game.

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