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How do I find out my tire size? ?

I'm ordering a tire cover for my 2020 jeep wrangler JL and the tire cover website gives out a list of: C, D, D10, E10, F, H1, J, M, N, O, Y, Z, A, Small, and Large and I don't know what the hell that means and which one I'm supposed to use. Can someone help me out? All my tires say are numbers. Not letters.

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    That's because tire sizes are in numbers. Those letters are meaningless unless you read the fine print on that website that explains what the letters mean. 

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    There's two locations that will tell you. The drivers door way, down low. There's a sticker there placed by the manufacturer. And, look at the tire wall. It will have that information in raised print.

    Or, you can just bring it to me & for 50 bucks, I'll tell you.

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    You will see, on normal passenger tires, a set of numbers, say 205/55/R16. These numbers mean: First number 205, how wide the tire is, higher the number the wider the tire, a 255 will be much wider than 165. Second number is the ratio of sidewall to width, lower the number the less distance between tread and rim. For example a 45 ratio tire is much skinnier than a 80 ratio tire. Finally the last number R<?> is the rim size it mounts on. Tires are also rated in heat (temperature) resistance, AAA being best, down from there. Traction, also AAA on down, and treadwear, higher the better.

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    took 5 seconds and Look what I found

    Jeep Wrangler 2020 2.0 T-GDi Tire 

     245/75R17 104S  

    255/70R18 104T  

    225/75R16 102S  

    245/75R16 104S 

    Happy Driving 

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