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If pilgrimage to see some cube is so important then why do people die in Mecca? What's so great about the cube when you've got Ural's saint?

Ural's saint Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov can cure your any illness. Just aksing why you believe in Muhammad but don't believe in the last prophet Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov?

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    1 month ago

    basically, jews,buddhists,muslims pray head down to satan. during the night christian earthlybowdowns count 40 times more than daily earthlybowdowns. since, most of the time witches pray during the night against christians, it's best to pray at night ...maybe you could do 2000 christian earthlybowdowns.. notice that muslims-jews-buddhists stay head down which shows that they worship satan; christians have to get up super fast showing allegiance to Christ and not the devil. so, christian earthlybowdowns: u face east, legs together (so that demon don't run underneath ur legs); u look at the eyes of icon (energy goes ur way according to saint Pelageya of Ryazan); u make proper Orthodox sign of the cross (first three fingers together as if u had a pinch of salt in them; thumb always straight; ring and pinky to palm; firmly touch forehead: "in the name of the Father"; firmly touch 1cm above belly button: "and of the Son", raise hand to chest level and now move to right shoulder where there bones meet: "and of the Holy"; move to left shoulder: "Spirit. Amen"; release the fingers; hand down by ur side); u bow down on ur knees (knees together), then put hands together on the floor, then forehead on top of backofhands; as soon as ur forehead touches the back of hands, get up super fast showing allegiance to Christ (and not the devil). do 2000 times during the night against witches. 'cuz witches work hard for satan (by praying like three hours); you have to show them respect by outworking them; u feel me? but of course when u tired u could pray the Jesus prayer at least three times every hour (don't sleep 4 more than 1 hour; wake up and pray the Jesus prayer three times; then u can rest a little bit; in case witches pray real hard to satan, then u have to pray to Jesus as many times as possible); thank u; forgive me rudeness.

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    google ''the oldest pictures of the  of the muslims cube in mecca''. then tell us why it is so wonderful

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    1 month ago

    Some cube?!  Some cube?!  It's more than just some cube, buddy!  It's like fuggin Stargate Atlantis.  Who wouldn't wanna see that?!

  • 1 month ago

    The Black stone is Mohamed's Heart and birthplace\

    \High Mintee Merry Christmas

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  • Mintee
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    2 months ago

    thankyou for coming here to learn more about Islam.. we dont do a pilgrimage to see a cube... its not about the cube.. that is only a square building/room that is actually a focal point for the whole world to face while praying.. it centralizes the whole energy of the worlds muslims in one point.. we dont worship the building (its called the kaaba), it doesnt hold magical powers. it wont do anything for us.. we pray to Allah, God only.. no prophet, no intermediary, no man, no demi god, no son of a god, no angel.. just God only.. the same God that created all humanity.. and whoever this Krasheninnikov is,, im sure God/Allah created him too.. 

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    The best way of answering your question is to see this gentleman, disclose his interesting research on scientific topic on this issue.

    Michael H. Hart.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    People also die in the Ural mountains, genius...

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