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My chlamydia and gonorrhea planned parenthood tests say negative, but what does this mean?

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    Your results are as reliable as they can be, but Its virtually impossible for a negative result to have 100% certainty since there are errors that can occur in testing.  The text is notifying you of the possibility that the results could fail to detect an actual infection.  What the text doesn't say is that the odds of missing an actual infection are extremely low.   When its really important to be certain of a negative test, its a good idea to repeat the test a few days later.

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    It means that false negatives are possible because there is a chance samples can be improperly collected or contaminated altering reactivity. 

    One treats patients and not lab results. Clinical decision making is based on all the information presented and not solely based on laboratory tests. 

    Specimens of choice for females are vaginal or cervical swabs compared to first morning urine samples that showed 10% more false negatives in comparison. First morning urine is also more sensitive than urine collected during other times of the day. 

    So how significant is the false negatives,

    "New diagnostic accuracy studies without major methodological limitations indicated that false-positive rates for gonorrhea and chlamydia were 3 percent or less, and false-negative rates ranged from 0 to 9 percent for gonorrhea and 0 to 14 percent for chlamydia across all NAATs and specimen types."

    What it all means is that the tests are not 100% right 100% of the time and the doctor needs to be alert of the false negatives and false positives. Some people out there running around with chlamydia or gonorrhea when the test said negative. 

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    It means they can't guarantee the results.

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