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Does Countess Sophie Rhys Jones dip in curtsey to Princess Beatrice and does Camilla Parker Bowles dip in curtsey to her also?

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    Only at official events where husbands are not present.  

    If Beatrice, Camilla, Sophie AND Prince Edward are at the same event, but Charles is not, then the Countess of Wessex doesn’t have to curtsy to the other women but they do to her.

  • Clo
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    During certain formal occasions, when the Duchess of Cornwall and the Countess of Wessex are not in company of their husbands, they do curtsy to princesses of the blood royal--women who were born royal.

  • The order of precedence can be varied according to the whim of the Sovereign. Right now, Princess Sophie has to curtsey to Princess Beatrix unless the is with Prince Edward - in which case it would be Princess Beatrix doing the curtseying. 

    As the Princess of Wales, Camilla is entitled to curtseys from all the other princesses regardless of husbands being present. 

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    Camilla only has  to curtsy to the queen and prince philip.

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    The order of precedence for the female royals when with and without their husbands is here, Camilla, the Princess of Wales, takes precedence over Beatrice and Eugenie:

  • Anonymous
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    Depends if they are with their husbands or not at the time. Unaccompanied princesses by marriage curtsey to princesses by birth. So the Countess of Wessex (Princess Edward) curtsies to Princess Beatrice. They all curtsey to the Duchess of Cornwall, as wife of the Prince of Wales, if he is present.

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