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Bleaching hair while on antibiotics. Is that okay?

I’m planning to beach my hair tomorrow but I just started taking 850mg amoxicillin combined with another antibiotic that’s in one tablet. 

I’ve read several posts saying it’s okay to do so but others say no. So I’m confused


I don’t have tattoos and personally I wouldn’t have one lmao

And idk what you’re talking about.

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    You should be fine to bleach your hair. If you're doing this at home make sure to read and follow the instructions properly. If you've never dyed or bleached your hair before, I would suggest going to a professional and have them bleach your hair. 

    Bleach is ideally only on your hair, which is just a strand of protein with no actual living component to it, and shouldn't be affected by antibiotics at all.

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    Yes it will be fine when I was on antibiotics for a respiratory infection, I still bleached my hair! And it turned out fine like it always does!

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    Last time you asked this question it was a tattoo, now it's your hair. I smell a troll.

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