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Is a wishing garden a good idea for a campus amenity?

Students want to be more attractive and less fat. Would a wishing garden with a fountain and a wishing well help give students a place to wish to be more beautiful.

The revenue from the wishing well could help fund other things. There could even be a big horse 🐴 statue and a bronze fish statues in the garden.

A plaque could read.

“Is wishes were fishes 🎣 we would all cast nets, if wishes were horses 🐎 we would all ride”.

Would this be a good addition to a college like SMU?

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  • 2 months ago

    "Wish to be more beautiful"? Are you serious?

    If your goal is to help students become more fit, don't build the garden. Spend the money on expanded hours for the gym, and make free non-credit exercise classes available for students. 

    Otherwise, a quiet garden might be nice to reduce stress. I spent a lot of time on my campus in a similar spot (when the weather was decent). There was no fountain, but we had some statues; it was a quiet, pretty place to study outdoors or just hang out. 

    A fountain might be peaceful - but at most campuses, it will likely be shut down November thorough March because it can't run in freezing weather. A well doesn't do anything to relieve stress, and might be dangerous, if a person could fall down it. If it's not deep, then people will likely come on campus to steal the money, unless it's collected nightly. 

    It would take decades to recoup the cost of the well/fountain and statues from the fountain money, before it could generate any revenue. Since it costs money to run and maintain a fountain, and you'd have to pay a person to collect the coins, revenue might never exceed expenses. 

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    Certainly, it sounds nice.  The issues are (1) the expense of setting it up, and (2) the expense of maintaining it, in particular the fountain.  Also, most campuses have "master plans" showing what is planned for each spot on the campus.  For something new, it would have to be approved by the planning committee.

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