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Does being dogmatic necessarily mean being 100 percent certain? Or can you be dogmatic while being only 99 percent certain? Why?


@david, agreed. I should clarify that I’m asking about whether the dogmatic person is professing 100 per cent certainty (whether they’re wrong, right or 50 shades of grey in between).

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     None are hundred percent certain no matter their claims z

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    Asking about population data requires population samples and a data survey. Relying on common-sense, I might, but I have no idea how to formulate a mathematical figure.

    Some people are certain in their dogma, others are skeptical, and yet there are those that go out of their way to openly deny it. Case here examples are: A pastor, an agnostic, and an anti-theist.

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    2 months ago

    my karma will run over your dogma . 

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    Being dogmatic has nothing to do with truth; it applies only to one's personality. You can be dogmatic and completely wrong. And dangerous to others.

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