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Why do people circumcise their boys?

My mom told me she did it was because you would need to wash it so it doesn't get an infection. She also told me that it looks gross and she didn't want to look at it. Those were the reasons my mom gave me but are there actually some better ones? Is there any truth behind it will get infected if you don't wash it? I'm not for circumcision at all because really like it gets rid of the feel and the only reason circumcision became a thing was so men wouldn't masturbate. Really I'm not for circumcision but I want to understand what people really think when they decide this besides religious reasons. My high school health teacher did try to get us on the side of we should circumcise our boys.


I know the whole not masturbation thing is not possible but that's for real why it became a thing from what I've heard.

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  • lover
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    1 month ago

    now is 21st century

    pull the foreskin and clean the dick every time you shower

    it is better than circumcision

  • ron h
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    2 months ago

    You have no idea if cut dik has different sensations that uncut.  Most men cut as adult say there's no difference, some say cut is better for then and a few say uncut is better.  Uncut dik does sometimes have problems with infections. Not often, but they do.  And if you're cut, be happy, or get happy, b'c your foreskin was incinerated a long time ago.

  • 2 months ago

    Yes, the real reason itw as done way back when, was that it was believed that it would stop the man from masturbating. That didn't work!! Men are still horny!

    There is no real benefit of cutting off the foreskin. It is not difficult to keep clean... every father should teach his son how to do that... and it's so fast and simple to do. It actually looks a lot nicer with the skin than it does without.... personal opinion after much study and comparisons here! It should be declared to be a crime for it to be done without good medical reasons.... it is cruel and unusual treatment of a young child! Let him decide when he is about 18.

    Why do they do it?? Women do it to inflict their power over men!! And a man would never choose this for his son. Only in the US is it routinely done.... the rest of the world is a bit more enlightened. It will take time.

  • 2 months ago

    Mother love is always mother love

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  • 2 months ago

    I've always heard that it was an old Jewish religion sort of thing that was required among Jews. In my younger days, I was circumcized due to most doctor's being Jewish and they did it routinely on newborn males in order to add a few dollars to their bill. That's what I heard from my mother when I asked her about it many years ago.

  • 2 months ago

    Put it this way no 1st world country recommend circumcision outside of religion 

    1) yes you do loss feeling, just because you can't remember a feeling you had as a baby doesn't mean you never had it 

    2) any man that doesn't clean his penis will have a stinky penis 

    3) unsafe sex is unsafe so you will have a good chance of getting what the other person has i you're unprotected 

    4) only in the us will a girl turn a guy down for being uncircumcised, providing it's not a problem 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Your Mother Hated you I am over 80 never Butchered My Parents Loved me and Taught me How to keep it clean

    there is NO medical reason to be Butchered

    if your penis stinks your parents never taught you how to keep it clean

    EVER HEARD OF BABY WIPES and soap and water

    anything under the Foreskin is  because of the Filthy Bastard who never washes his Penis

    Denmark is Proposing a Law that you Must be 18 to be Butchered Good on Denmark

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Circumcision has advantages and does not cause a guy to lose sensitivity as many uncircumcised guys try to claim.  Yes you should be washing under your foreskin everyday.  Uncircumcised guys must pull the foreskin back and wash the area thoroughly then dry under it and slide it back into position.  Doing this will prevent penile cancer and under foreskin infections.  Penile cancer was a large problem back before the 1950s as many people did not have good washing ability with no inhouse plumbing so if lucky bathed once a week.  Without their washing under the foreskin daily doctors saw cases regularly of penile cancer so in some countries it became common to circumcise baby boys and the problem did not affect them.  In recent years it was believed that better plumbing meant guys would wash under their foreskin but many do not, and doctors say they are seeing more cases of penile cancer again.

      They also discovered uncircumcised guys are at a higher risk of HIV in unprotected sex as the virus can incubate in the warm moist conditions and under the foreskin there is a lower thickness layer of keratin which is the part of the skin that helps stop bacteria and viruses getting through.  If a guy is circumcised then the keratin layer thickens and there is no place for the virus to incubate, so make sure you wear those condoms for casual sex meets. (yes straight guys can catch HIV through vaginal sex)

      Most females also seem to prefer a guy to be circumcised as they worry what is under that foreskin.  They wonder how clean is this guy and does he wash there, or will it be an area full of stale piss and stale sperm, dirt and bacteria.  You can imagine a female being worried as it is going to be pushed inside them and leave any muck inside them to cause them infections.

       There is nothing wrong with being uncircumcised as long as every day you retract it and wash there thoroughly and dry the area and they should suffer no problems except perhaps some girl who wants her guy circumcised out of preference or to make her more confident the guy has a clean c0ck for sex.

      Your mom was likely smart and had you done as she knew the facts, and circumcision does not affect masturbation.  Many guys who think circumcision is wrong don't know the facts.  Many uncircumcised males suffer from Phimosis which is the inability to retract the foreskin and clean under it, and others have excessively long foreskins that make urinating and masturbation very messy.  Be happy as many uncircumcised guys have some serious problems caused by the foreskins. 

  • 2 months ago

    Less chance of infection, odor, urination problems (needing to pull back foreskin), men masturbates either way, trust me!!!

  • 2 months ago

    --  Some do it for religious reasons -- Jewish boys at age 10 days of age and Muslim boys at either 12 years or 13 years of age, depending on country and cultures. It is a "Covenant with God".

    --  Other do it for health reasons,.  It is cleaner, easier to clean, reduces infections and ability to contract infections, especially during sexual intercourse, looks neater.

    --  Others do it for a particular medical reasons where a physical deformity has occurred. On the other hand, when a boy is born with Hypospadias, the boy is left uncircumcised because some of the skin may be needed during surgery.

    --  Men still masturbate with a circumcised penis.

    --  Despite what some people state, it does not reduce sensation

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