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Masturbation is a sin but i cant stop doing it. ?

Any ways i can stop

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    No its not a sin.  It is a natural part of human reproductive growth and nothing to be embarrassed over.  For many people it is good way to relieve stress and it keeps the body young and active.   Stop trying to put your religious objections onto other people.  BTW...its quite clear that you posted and wrote your own answer to this question. 

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    Masturbation is classified in the Bible as an unclean act it is also spoken of in the New testament as the sin of a man that does not lead to death. The Bible says that we are to put aside childish behavior and to grow up into him who is our head that is Jesus Christ.

    Now I'll tell you why you can't do it masturbation is a drug addiction! You have fed your body on its own feel good chemicals so many times that your body is now addicted to it like drugs it's a physical addiction to your own body chemicals you're a drug addict you can't treat masturbation from a spiritual level!

    It's not a moral character flaw and getting married and having lots of sex well that won't cure the addiction problem either!  

    And if you use cigarettes you're going to have to get rid of that habit too because nicotine feeds sexual addiction like crazy it's part of the same chemical.

    The chemical that you're going to need to treat this addiction is Wellbutrin otherwise known as zyban it treats nicotine addiction and it treats depression.

    get yourself some chantix also that's another chemical that treats nicotine addiction.

    The side effect of both of these drugs is complete lack of sexual desire.

    You can kill two birds with one stone.

    You don't have to go to the doctor and say hey doctor I'm masturbate too much and I need some medicine!

    You say hey doc I smoke too much and I want to break the habit I want to do chantix with Wellbutrin or zyban your insurance will cover it then go ahead and bark on a anti-smoking regime using the two chemicals and you will watch your masturbation habit disappear and your nail biting habit and biting your toenails and twiddling your thumbs scratching your nose playing with your hair chewing gum etc!

  • kelvin
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    2 months ago

    no it isn't.............

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