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How many foreign countries wish they had a second amendment ? ?

Any body from South America, Europe, Canada. How many of you wished you had a second amendment? 


@eletricpole, thanks for you answer. But I’m asking citizens. Not foreign governments. 

Update 2:

What mass death rates ? Are you dumb or what ? The corona-virus has killed more people The so called gun death rates. Do your research before making a dumb statement like you just did. 

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    2 months ago

    Any country looking at the death rates from mass shootings and other gun violence in the USA would avoid starting on that slippery slope.

  • 2 months ago

    How many foreign countries governments? Just about ZERO. Right now, numerous inhabitants nations with very oppressive governments, or ones where the government gives a blind eye to violent criminals certainly do. 

    That would be just about all of Africa, Latin America, Mexico, Central America, China, Especially Hong Kong, among significant portions of the population of some Western nations who see tyranny on their doorstep. 

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