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i believe i am being treated badly in this situation? am i right to think that or over reacting. ?

two months ago I moved to a new city with a friend. as soon as we moved in he started hanging out with new people and ignoring me. I brought this up to him one time because I thought he was just excited to meet them and he said he was sorry and didn’t realize he was ignoring me &that he wouldn’t do it again. The very next day he continued to do the same thing. I know he doesn’t owe me anything but it’s not like he’s just not hanging out with me, he won’t even acknowledge that I am in the room and completely disregards me. he avoids me but if we happen to run into each other he won’t even make eye contact or say hi. he acts like i’m invisible.i’m not sure if I’m wrong but I feel like it’s not normal to treat people like this even if we hadn’t been friends before this&I was a stranger I feel like it’s still would be rude. it’s confusing because he acknowledges all my other housemates so it’s not like this is just how he is with everyone. I told him that it’s not that he can’t be friends with them but he also doesn’t have to be ignore to me at the same time. The thing that has been hard is he isn’t treating anybody else like this so I’m the only one feeling hurt when everybody else doesn’t realize anything is happening. I believe that the way I have been treated this emotional abuse I believe this because it has made me feel crazy and I’m so nervous around him that my hand started shaking &I am not the type of person to make a big deal out of nothing I’m actually really chill.

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    One hopes this move was to broaden your horizons and not just so you can cleave to the same old friend forever. So while this person's behavior is a bit sus, I'd say your best bet is to try to make some new friends and to make it your longer term goal to move out. Find another roommate situation or work toward getting your own place. 

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    i would say yes and no. yes your being treated not necessarily badly as your friend maybe nervous as your somewhere new and is trying to make a good impression but on the other hand he might be trying to get you t start conversations with new people as he might be as good

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