is there any advice to get paid for a job from my cilents?

my mistake is trust him, so i dont asking him to spent money for me frist,because i have working with him for a last year, and every thing is great, i through that nice person. lol. 

the problem is i have design to him a logo, he told me it look great, and just need a tiny for edit to get it done. he told me he very busy and just waiting him for a few days to sent me feedback for edit.

and it still coming day to days, month to month until i email asking him about it. I belive he just spent 30 minutes in his life to get feedback to me and notthing busy after the time. Then he said he get ill by cov and his family , he need to get cover and will sent me asap, so it waiting long time repeat again ,i found him has get back to nomarl and dont care about me.  now i can't waiting him any more i asking him email 3 time and no answer

what should i do now? 

thank you

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  • 2 months ago
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    Tell him you've filed copyright on the design  and you have another person interested.  If he doesn't pay you for the logo you're withdrawing the design from him and are selling it to the other customer.

    Frankly he's pretty well indicated he's not going to pay you for the logo.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You should learn to write a paragraph. Your grammar is atrocious, and I could barely understand what you were trying to say. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You can send the debt to a collection agency or you can sue him.   You will have to have proof that he owes you the money.    Did you have him sign a contract?   What's keeping him from saying the logo isn't to his liking and therefore he isn't paying for it?

    Next time make sure you have an agreement in writing and get a deposit in advance.

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