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Well it seems that links are banned here in biology, but you all should check out the debate between Sal Cordova and Dapper Dino?

Sal completely destroyed evolution, evolutionoists have an early retirement coming. Sal proved that science definition of "fitness" is completely useless as it only focuses on reproductive fitness, instead of fitness meaning an organisms ability to fit in their environment, which is the most superior way to look at it

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    I myself am a prominent anti-evolutionoist, and, just like Sal Cordova, I despise the lie of evolutionoism.  However, I must admit that evolutionoism is often unfairly attacked by ignorant people who read biology books and professors of evolutionary biology at the world's greatest universities.  However, on the positive side, evolutionoism is often defended by people who can't spell "evolutionists."

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    Uh huh. I'll try to persist somehow.

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    Really? Have you EVER had a course in Biology? Evolution is probably the best-proven principle in all of biology. I even made a tiny contribution myself.

  • That is total nonsense. Reproductive fitness means that the organism IS fitted in the environment and doing so HAS also been enabled to survive long enough to reproduce, which IS reproductive fitness.

    Creationist arguments are all total BS.

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    Evolutionism is on the wane but it's adherents will fight to the bitter end. 

    The only evolution observed is devolution.

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