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What does "to spin something as good" mean in English?

Is it like saying that you take something for good event if it has a negative side?

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    2 months ago

    It means to make something "look" or "seem" good when it's not really either.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    It’s to take a negative and make it “sound” or appear” good when it’s not.  To “put a spin on something” is turning it around into something it’s not and hope the one you’re telling it to believes your “spin”.   

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No. "Spin" is a deception. It's like "hype." It takes the truth, then bends it, distorts it, and reshapes it into something no longer the truth but has enough elements of the truth in it that it can be difficult to prove it a lie. If you spin something as good, then you are taking something definitively not good and then retelling it as good.


    You accidentally ran over your girlfriend's beloved cat that she's had since she was 10 and killed it after she warned you the cat was outside. She was inside and you were afraid she'd come out and catch you. You needed time to think of how to spin this so she wouldn't hate you, so you took the cat to the vet even though you knew it was dead. Now you've gotten back and have to break it to your girlfriend.

    The objective of the spin is to turn yourself from bad cat-killing boyfriend to good conscientious boyfriend who wouldn't kill a cat.

     "Honey, I'm so sorry to have to tell you this. I found Muffy out at the end of the driveway right by the road. It looked like she'd gotten hit by a car. I was going to come get you but I didn't want to waste the time, so I gently picked him up and drove him to the vet. I was crying the whole way. Still, I drove as fast and careful as I could, but, sweetie, sweetie, the vet couldn't save him. I'm so, so, so sorry, baby. I just don't know what to say. We loved Muffy so much. Poor, poor Muffy. Who would do such a thing?!"

    "Did you see it happen?"

    "I didn't see a thing, sweetie. I was out in the driveway and then I saw him lying there."

    "Who would do that, just hit someone's cat and not say anything?"

    "Who indeed? I certainly wouldn't! You know, that Jack kid down the street who just got his license. Weren't you just talking the other day about how he comes flying down the street and he's libel to kill someone?"

    "Yeah, I was. You think it was Jack?"

    "Can't say. Anything's possible."

    "But he'd surely have stopped and said something."

    "Yeah, definitely. He's a good kid.  ...But he is a kid. I mean, you remember what kids are like at that age. So impulsive. Inconsiderate without even realizing it. But you're right. That's not him. He'd never just drive off.  ...But he might if driving so fast he didn't realize." 

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