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If I am moving into a new apartment do I have to show ESA paperwork when I apply.. Or do I show it to the LL after I move in?

I can keep my esa somewhere temporary until after I am settled in and have shown the paperwork to the LL


A note from MY DR is all I need.

Clearly if my Dr thinks my life is impaired in some way that an ESA is beneficial, then I am indeed eligible.

My paperwork is actual paperwork...   Not a "certificate" ordered off the internet

Update 2:

I have actual health issues that the animal helps provide some relief or benefit..    I dont need some jackass explaining what I "need", when it doesnt answer the actual question

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    Ask ahead of signing a lease.  Not all landlords  are required to accept an ESA animal.  Many are not.  It's also best not to start a landlord/tenant relationship with blatant deception.  

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    Not necessarily at the time you apply but you do need to do the proper paperwork BEFORE you move in.  As long as there is a legitimate medical need for the animal & the landlord does not try to be an arshole then you shouldn't have a problem. 

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    Its your responsibility to be sure that this landlord is subject to FHA (or your state law--some states include more landlords).  if there are 5 or more apartments, this landlord is definitely included.

    MOST landlords are subject to FHA.

    if its 2-4 family and the landlord does not live there, this landlord is included.

    if a broker is used, this landlord is included.

    Sadly, many landlord will refuse an applicant if they mention an ESA before signing a lease..only an abuser who wants you to get denied when insist you just mention it beforehand.

    NOTE: you CAN wait until after you move in if you would not bring the animal right away, but you really should present it as soon as the lease is signed so you can bring your ESA with you right away.  if you can move in without an ESA, that implies you don't need it.

    you will likely get a lot of abusive answers from people who refuse to accept the law.

    neither of your time frames is right.....

    in the US, you do NOT need to make the request for reasonable accommodation until after the lease is signed. It just must be made before the ESA is brought it.

    you have the request prepared for when you sign the lease....before you actually move in.

    sadly, it is not clear that just because a doc writes a letter that the ESA is warranted...most docs will sign off on anything just to make the patient happy and send them on their the doc can move on to the next patient.

    this is not saying your need isn't legit, but doctor's notes aren't reliable.  its like handicap parking, most docs will sign off for anything.

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    Be mindful that landlords do not need to accept ESAs unless you have a disability.

    In the USA, the government / legal definition is has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activity.  The landlord is allowed for to ask you for supporting documentation from a medical professional.  This doesn't need to include your specific diagnosis but doesn't need to verify that you are disabled.

    A simple letter saying that you can have an ESA does not qualify.

    If you want an ESA you should get it cleared by your landlord before signing a lease (Note to the person who said my timeline was inaccurate - it's your reading comprehension that's the problem.  Should is not the same as required).  

    In response to the comments:

    A note from a doctor is all your need IF that note says you have a disability or substantially limits life activities.  If the note says you are "eligible" to have an ESA, just means "sure, you can get an ESA if you want" it does not say you meet the definition of being disabled to require a landlord to accept the ESA. Having an "actual" health issue that substantially limits one or more major life activity is needed to require an ESA.

    I'm not being a jerk to you, I'm outlining to you what every one of my tenants has to do to get an ESA if they are in a no pet policy building.   You can hope your potential landlord is more lenient them me. 

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