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Can you track down a app number? ?

Hi I just had a question. Are you able to track down the person who has been texting you through an app? is their anyways you can do it? 


Also can your phone carrier track them down for you? 

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    To both questions, the simple answer is no.

    Unless a crime or valid threat being made/committed, and you end up in court as a witness or a victim, you'll never know anything about the person on the other end of the text. 

    Now they can be tracked down, as has proven over the years, when people have made threats on presidents and judges, thinking that they could not be found when using apps to make the threats. But unless the courts, FBI, CIA, the Secret Service, homeland security or the NSA, get involved, the effort and expense, to find out the identity of the person, is not even happening, just because of your curiosity. 

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    No, it really depends on what app you are texting them with. You can check their social media profile on twitter or Instagram and see if they have any information about them. You can honestly stay anonymous online. 

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