How to go to South Dakota safely.?

Hello, I have family in Spearfish, SD. And as many people know, South Dakota is proudly doing nothing to contain the virus. My husband and I have to temporarily go to my parents as our current living arrangements are ending. We have no housing or jobs until March in which our jobs start. I wondered how we navigate this situation as SD is doing nothing and no one really seems to care about the virus in the town. Should I camp in the backyard to ensure we don't get sick? My family hasn't gotten sick yet, but 95% of my mom's job has contracted the virus. 15 of her coworkers have died, and 20 people in the neighborhood have died of the disease (Spearfish is full of retirees). There are very few people who haven't contracted the virus that I am aware of.

We really don't want to get sick, but we have to go there if we're going to avoid being homeless. How should we do it? Is it enough to get a jumpsuit to separate from the Spearfish world and only interact with my family wearing an n95 mask? We have to be there until March, which will undoubtedly test our ability to remain isolated. Even going to the grocery store is unsafe in Spearfish as no one wears their mask.

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    Short answer is that wherever you are, you have to treat the whole world as a festering Petri dish of infection. Masks and hand washing will reduce your exposure, and a reduced initial exposure may reduce the severity of the disease.

    I'd tell you to camp in the backyard simply to reduce contact with family members. Assume every headache, sniffle and cough to be the start of it and stay isolated.

    Go shopping as infrequently as you can, and at the quietest time of the week.

    And remember, Covid  isn't a death sentence, It's unpleasant and it's weird, but even if you do catch it, you are unlikely to die. 

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    Is it worth the risk ?

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    I thought hard about to travel or not back in June and decided to.  Coronavirus risk is essentially a function of closeness to other people(and filtration)  Covid doesn’t respect state boundaries.   I can travel in my camper and have more physical distancing than if I stayed at home.   

    With proper planning you don’t need to go to a grocery store.  If you choose to do so you can wear a mask even if most people don’t.   That’s your decision.   

    That said, one can always travel later, after vaccines are common.  

    Whatever you decided, make a rational decision.  

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    Wear your mask, that will help, but not guarantee your safety. Socially distance even from your parents.   good luck.

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    "My family hasn't gotten sick yet, but 95% of my mom's job has contracted the virus. 15 of her coworkers have died, and 20 people in the neighborhood have died of the disease" sounds like there is a lot of immunity in the community right now (looking at the bright side in that mess).

    Have you seen the video by Dr. David Price an ICU pulmonologist at Weill-Cornell in NYC?  He didn't really create a video, a friend of his recorded a zoom call.  It's called "how to not be afraid of your neighbor".  It was made in late March and people were all over Dr Price about how the info was off target.  Well, 8months later and we was pretty much exactly on target in terms of personal interactions. There is a 10m version and an 1h version.

    People with adequate levels of vitamin D are 54% less likely to get covid.  Boston University researchers suggest everyone (everyone child or adult) take a 2000UI-5000UI supplement every day. 

    If you double up on the N95 / FDA approved KN95 mask, it's almost impossible to acquire covid.  Double up means a N95/KN95 mask with a face shield or cotton mask.

    Maintaining distance

    - 1 meter (3.2ft) reduces your chance of getting covid by 82% according to WHO

    - in the US, we use 6ft because it means we are out of the "breathing zone".  Unless someone is a heavy breather, sneezes, or coughs if you stay 6ft away it's almost impossible to get covid.

    Add it all together = distance, double masking, vitamin D = covid has really want to get you, to get you even if it's across the table from you.

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