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How could you feel your former childhood friend using you for money, lied to you about everything and threaten me, how would you feel?

I had a friend (girl) who I have known from pre-school, we were really good close friends and we were non stop going to each other's houses with our parents. Me and my family moved house (40 mins away and I was 6 years old) I have not seen her since we moved until after my parents were splitting up that year (it was horrible for me and I was 10 years old) and I only have seen her once. 6 years later me and this girl reunited with each other via facebook, everything was fine until the money has started. 

She was non stoping asking me for money (£20-40..in total £200) this was when we were 16, I keep asking her to pay the money back, she said I will promise I dont want to lose you and a week later she hasnt paid my money back. 

After my 17th birthday she told me that she thinks shes pregnant (after a week of having bits and bobs), days later she told me that she is pregnant. 

After I came back from New Zealand via Singapore and L.A (Stopovers to/from New Zealand) she told me that she was in the hospital, she said she has got something wrong with her stomach and bladder, then she told me that she had an abortion, she told me that she was going through xray on her bladder after having an abortion,  two big operations, blocked me on Instagram while she was in the hospital, being discharged, got sent back in hospital after throwing up blood by trying to get blood levels right and staying in the hospital for 2 months after trying to fix her bladder after abortion. 



One of my classmates and one of her friend’s male friend have seen her but she was supposed to be in hospital, my friends knew she was lying and using me for money. I keep asking her if she could transfer my money back into my account (after I got my first debit card, she told me to take all my money out of halifax savings account and spend them all). 

Update 2:

My friends kicked off at her, then she threaten me by if you friend message me on facebook again, my mother will got to ***** and get your dad involved even though she told me not to tell my dad about her, keep asking me for money cause she doesnt want my parents to hate her.  

Update 3:

She even lied to me about her baby cousin died, my male friend said to me that she is making excuses so she can refuse to pay money back and saying that she works 15 hours a week of apprenticeship. 

Update 4:

I got money back at the end, I haven't spoken to that girl since but question is what if I bump into her after 4 years I would be civil but not friends, I felt betrayed after she had been lying to me for months by using me for money and 

Update 5:

reasons why she was asking money for money because my dad has got his own business, being brought up well by my parents and big family and how many holidays/vacations I have been to (I’ve been to europe (canary islands, portugal,cyprus, greece, france and malta), hong kong, australia, america, new zealand and singapore). 

Update 6:

How would you guys feel if someone use you for money, making lies about being in hospital and even lied about someone died or themselves dying?

I wish she didnt done these things, I wish I would like to know why was she doing this to me, why people are doing this to people. 

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