What collection method is used when doing drug screen for plumbers ?

Hey y’all, I’m trying to get into the union 130 in Illinois, I was just wondering for the pre employment drug screen, is it a urine test? A hair test? I don’t smoke weed any more but if it is a hair test I’m better off just applying next year rather than failing 

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    2 months ago

    P-trap {sorry, I could not resist}

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    There's a lot of fear surrounding hair tests based upon a lie that was told a lot back when people first started using them. Mainly, can it go back 7 years? Yes, but that's a very expensive version of that test... The tests that actually get used go back around 90 days max. So if you used 6 months ago you're fine. However, people usually do a urine test. In 18 years I've worked for over 20 trucking companies (several in Illinois) , and I've only heard of one that did a hair test, and it was only for individuals who've failed tests in the past, or had a past with drugs and alcohol. 

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