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What causes legs to keep moving?

My mom has a problem, her legs and feet won't stop moving. She doesn't have an urge to move them or even does it consciously. If she pays attention and focuses on them to keep them still, they do, but once she does something else, they start to fidget and move again. This all seemed to start in the past year. She's not one to go to doctors unless deathly ill (literally) so she never brings it up to anyone other than her family. We are just wanting to know what it is. It seems to affect from the knees down.

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  • 2 months ago

    This could be "Restless Legs Syndrome".

    You may want to Google this medical term to learn more or go to the Mayo Clinic website where they discuss such medical issues.

    Once you learn what this could be, perhaps you can talk your Mom into seeing her doctor about this.

  • i do not know...restless leg syndrome perhaps.

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