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Pisces girl confusing tf out of me ?

Ugh.. shes so confusing. I’m an Aries lesbian and she’s been my friend for years. She’s bi, and she can be kind of awkward. Last night we were hanging out and we had an awesome time. She was being pretty flirty but I asked her if she wanted to stay over and she said no which definitely hurt a LOT. She did have work in the AM but still. Today I haven’t heard from her after texting her twice and I’m kinda worried cause I think last night she might’ve threw her back out. Sometimes she flirts other times she disappears. WTF . She casually mentioned that she was talking to a guy and her mom asked her to have him over for thanksgiving but she didn’t. Would she try to make me jealous? She also told me last night she wants me to come visit her in Santa Cruz this weekend at her dads trailer, but she said that last night when I asked if she wanted me to stay over so she could’ve just been trying to get rid of me. Does she want me to make the first move? Do Pisces women EVER make the first move? As an Aries I always do but I can’t feel out her energy. Everyone else I’ve ever liked has been WAY easier to figure out.

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  • Janet
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    2 months ago

    She likes flirting  You are the one who tries to make it mean something.

    As for being Pisces, that is only her Sun sign ... all it indicates is how she relates to herself. You need to look at her Moon (emotions) and Venus (relationships nees/styles).

    If you cannot feel out her energy, you two do not have a connection and it is probably best to stop thinking about anything other than friendship with her.  And if she is not easy to read, you will never be happy if you get involved with her.

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