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When I was 13 my mom told me that no one likes me. I'm 16 now and it still gets to me. How can I get over this feeling?

I know my mother probably didn't mean it, and we haven't talked about it since she said it. (It was during one of her yelling rants bc she was mad at me) Ever since then, I always assume that my friends don't actually enjoy being friends with me. I always feel like a burden around them, and I end up alienating myself and losing relationships over this. I don't know how to stop telling myself that no one likes me. It's like I'm constantly repeating it in my head every day. I would like to know how to get over this feeling, or if there are any steps to take. I want to get confident enough in myself to be able to ask my friends to hang out instead of being scared they will reject me.

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    Maybe you should discuss this with your mum as it bothers you still.  Sometimes things that were said to us in the past just come back to haunt us for a season.  It is best to try to push these memories out of our mind but that's easier said than done.  All that we can do is try to forget.  I remember things said to me or done to me that I would be better forgetting but I can't.  Sometimes it just takes a small trigger;  the person's name or bumping into a relative of that person etc.

    For many years I was called Skinny Minnie by 'friends'.  That gave me an inferiority complex.  Two very nasty classmates from decades ago still haunt me,  even though I haven't seen them for very many years now. (They were bullies and physically hurt me). Just hearing their names or having someone recall something that happened in school makes me shudder.  I've been invited to two school reunions in the last few years but kept away. I just didn't want to meet up with those people again and so I also missed out meeting up with the ones who were much nicer.

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    i would try to forget about it, she probably didnt mean it

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    It's a "feeling"...emotions only exist in your head.  DROP IT...put it out of your mind.  It can only lead to mental illness. 

    Only you can control your brain.  If not, it will control you.

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